WOODSTOCK Farm sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is one of the country's largest non-profit farm animal sanctuaries. Woodstock offers educational programs, vegan retreats and a home and rehabilitation center to hundreds of rescued animals.  Woodstock came to us after they had just secured a new Sanctuary location at a former campground, which would move them from Woodstock to High Falls, New York.  The new facility created the perfect opportunity to overhaul their visual identity and create something iconic, yet symbolic of the tremendous good that comes from the sanctuary.  

Doug Abel and Jenny Brown, the founders of Woodstock, wanted to integrate a visual symbol of the animals, specifically the chicken, into their brand, but in a way that was unique to Woodstock. Our goal was to craft something meaningful and representative of Woodstock Sanctuary, so we played around with the idea of chicken footprints walking through the logo to create the Peace Sign emblem within the word Woodstock. The mantra of peace, love and compassion Woodstock shares with the eponymous music festival of 1969 inspired us to make the Peace Sign something truly symbolic of Woodstock Sanctuary.  Natural, rustic elements are reflected in the graphic details, type and camp-inspired color palette.  In keeping with Woodstock's uplifting and positive approach to farm animal rescue and education, we created a visual identity and support graphics that feel happy, inspiring and bright yet grounded, earthy and peaceful.